New festivals, new screenings, downloadable MP3!

Exciting news for The Fair Trade movie!

FIRST: Congratulations to Anti-Body, the company profiled in the movie. They are now selling through Whole Foods Market, both here in the Southern California area as well as Whole Foods’ Southern and Mid-West regions. See the announcement on their blog and go buy some of this wonderful product while supporting producers in Africa!

SECOND: Wow! You people asked over and over where you could get the wonderful song “Wayfaring Stranger” that Rachel Diggs sang in the movie. So, we relented. Thanks to the generosity of the artists (thanks Rachel and Buddy Zapata!) we are offering the recording of “Wayfaring Stranger” from the movie as a free download, at — so now you can download it to your iPod.

THIRD (and final): The Fair Trade continues to make its presence known worldwide. The movie is now available for rental from Netflix. If you are a member of Netflix, please rate The Fair Trade — it helps with attracting new rentals and sales. Next, we will be in Massachusetts April 3-5 for the 2009 Lowell Film Festival, where The Fair Trade is a featured film [ ]. And, on May 16, the movie will be featured as part of Fair Trade Fortnight 2009 in New South Wales Australia [ ].

Thank you all for your continued support. More than making a movie, the filmmakers wanted to invite us all into a discussion about what constitutes a “meaningful life” and how does fair trade figure into that equation. We love the conversations that we have had with many of you after the screenings, and look forward to more lives changed as people watch Tamara’s journey in The Fair Trade.


3 Responses to “New festivals, new screenings, downloadable MP3!”

  1. Anti-Body says:

    Thanks, Loren!

  2. Chris Barton says:

    HI there

    Loved the song, thanks for the free download!

    I’d love to see the movie in the UK – all the best with the distribution.

    Djembe Drums – all fair trade products