Ten Thousand Villages Boise loves The Fair Trade movie

From Ten Thousand Villages in Boise, Idaho:

We have received the film and have been showing it in the store. It has really impacted some of our customers, staff and volunteers very positively. Thank you for allowing us to get the word out.


We’re glad that you are enjoying it! Please make sure to tell customers that they can buy the DVD online to share with their friends. And thanks for letting us know — the stories of lives being changed by The Fair Trade are what gives us the most satisfaction of making this movie.

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2 Responses to “Ten Thousand Villages Boise loves The Fair Trade movie”

  1. Lecong says:

    I am the Director General of MART Fair Trade Center which is a new NPO in China established for 4 months.
    We do hope to promote Fair Trade in China.
    We will cooperate with City Pictorial (a Chinese Magazine) to publish a special issue for Fair Trade in May 2009.
    We hope you can offer related stories about the Fair Trade Movie to me, and will introduce it to Chinese people.
    The deadline is March 2009, I hope for your support.

    Thank you very much!
    Lecong Chen