Taking the lessons from The Fair Trade movie to heart

Many of our readers do not realize that The Fair Trade was birthed by eleven people, under the inspired direction of Lauralee Farrer. One thing that Lauralee mentioned in her comments after the premiere was that the story was not only Tamara’s, but all of ours. Every single person in the 11-person team has dealt with crippling grief or loss over the last several years, and we all put that into what is seen on the screen. It makes Tamara’s story all the more powerful, because we were experiencing it with her, and, hopefully, making the same journey to hope that she did.

Tricia HardingA tangible example of that “journey to hope” can be found in the new venture of Associate Producer Tricia Harding. She lost her mother and husband to cancer shortly before joining our production team. Now, Tricia has launched a business that serves those who are going through the trauma of cancer, as well as serving family members by giving them a convenient place to purchase hard-to-find specialty products for cancer patients. Tricia says:

Early on in my husband’s illness, the doctor had given us a list of four or five things we should have before beginning treatment. I took our six-month-old son, Iain, on what I thought would be a simple shopping trip. We drove to six different locations and covered over 200 miles before I had found everything. By the time we got home, my son was screaming, my husband was anxious, and I was overwhelmed. That was the first time I thought, Surely, there is a better way.

So she built a new business called The Pampered Patient from the ground up. Not only does it sell hard-to-find products, but Tricia is making the site a “clearinghouse” for resources, blogs, and other websites that will be of help to patients and families.

Congratulations on the store launch, Tricia. And make sure to go visit her store, to see the kind of world-changing feats that are possible when you regain hope like Tamara did in the movie.

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