AsiaSpa magazine profiles Tamara Johnston McMahon

AsiaSpa article on Tamara Johnston from The Fair Trade movie, page 1Tamara Johnston, the subject of the 2008 documentary The Fair Trade, is interviewed in this article from AsiaSpa magazine. The article describes the events that led to Tamara’s decision to start Anti-Body, a fair-trade skincare business, with her twin sister Shelby and Shelby’s husband Steve, as well as the values that shape their business and their hope to change the world:

AsiaSpa article on Tamara Johnston from The Fair Trade movie, page 2Tamara says her own experience around death is that it has taught her how to find meaning in the time she has here. “It has taught me not to sweat the trivialities so much and it continues to teach me that life can be good. What a blessing to come out of so much pain. With death comes life. It is as natural as birth yet, we live in a culture that avoids talking about it seriously. I hope that by being open about it, I encourage others to find freedom in doing the same.”

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  1. Scott says:

    Thank you for making this film, it was very meaningful for me. I also have been close to death and while for me, the journey out of the valley of the shadow of death is not over, it is a great encouragement for me to see your film and see how other believers are brought through.