praise from respected filmmakers


Way back when we started this film, nearly our whole team met with John and Ed Priddy of Priddy Brothers Entertainment at the Los Angeles premiere of their documentary 51 Birch Street. Just recently John had occasion to view the final result of The Fair Trade, and wrote a beautiful e-mail in response. Very satisfying to receive such encouragement from our peers—an excerpt:

What a beautiful work of art! Cinematically gorgeous with a compelling storyline. What I love most about The Fair Trade is the theme of how in suffering we can be guided to a place of healing, calling, and fulfillment. I like the broad appeal of fair trade with Anti-Body’s particular endeavor—how selling soap can change the lives of a few women and beyond. I, too, believe that commerce has a unique ability to solve tremendous social ills. It is not about capitalism run amok, but about good, healthy, and intelligent commerce.

Thank you for the brave effort to make this film and especially to Tamara for opening up her life to the world. Just amazing…..

John Priddy, Priddy Brothers Entertainment

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