Pictures from BendFilm Festival, 2008, part one

Producer Tamara Johnston McMahon and Associate Producer Rayne Roberts traveled up to BendFilm Festival this past weekend, and joined cinematographer Denise Klitsie to represent The Fair Trade movie at the festival in Bend, Oregon. We got pictures! One set today, and another set tomorrow.

Tamara said the movie was a smashing success:

It’s good to be back, but Rayne and I had a fun time and especially enjoyed the snow and cold weather! Everyone was extremely hospitable. The time was well spent and the screening went very well with a packed audience (not bad for 10 a.m. on a cold Saturday!). There was a standing ovation and a Q&A following the screening. Our very own Denise Klitsie and her friend Luanne were in attendance, as were Tom and Jane of Ashland Independent Film Festival and Laura Purkey (Matthew Diederich’s mom).

We want to thank everyone who came out to see the screening, and hope your lives were touched by it.



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2 Responses to “Pictures from BendFilm Festival, 2008, part one”

  1. denise klitsie says:

    Yes we got to go to Bend too! I just want to say that seeing The Fair Trade for the umpteenth time I was taken, again, by the story itself and in particular how it is told. Lauralee Farrer (Writer,Director) is an amazing story teller. This film keeps speaking and keeps on truckin because it manages to get into the heart and soul, and tap that blood of one woman’s life which reverberates out and intersect ours. Tamara said it well at the Q & A that this story belongs to all of us on some level (paraphrased). But really it is the craft and vision of Lauralee that I am still amazed by. Her sensitivity to the subject, her ability to translate her wordy vision into images, and her bravery for going beyond what she thought she was capable of in the production of The Fair Trade stand out to me like heavy fruit hanging from the tree.

    Denise Klitsie