More on Greg King’s new film, Rotating Mirror

Rotating Mirror cover artWhile I listen to the new Kelley McRae album on my iPod, here’s a more detailed description of our editor Greg King’s new film Rotating Mirror:

Rotating Mirror is a cycle of short films made from a process where impromptu Super 8 footage was shot every day for one year. The year took place between birthdays, so the project is a personal journey and reflection on life through multiple settings and situations.  It is a contemplative, poetic body of work that, although born out of a very subjective relationship between the director and his surroundings, compels the viewer to make their own associations and readings, and question the experience of time, urban living, contrasts of environment, and the mysteries of life through the particular language of film and montage. As such, it places the mundane within the context of the infinite, so that one may experience a unique angle of beauty within both. Seeing the personal in the infinite, and vice versa, as it were, and being open to the sensations and ‘story’ that results.  The film is comprised of 14 chapters and represents a cinematic ‘year’, separated by x-ray footage of the Sun as a visual drone and indication of seasons. Members of the band Rachel’s composed the music and sound pieces that accompany the chapters. The relationship of sound to image is critical in this work, and influenced many editing and structural decisions.

Available on DVD.  NTSC, 49 minutes, 4:3 Standard Definition Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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