People who make music (and beauty) in The Fair Trade

Just wanted to give a shoutout to a few of the wonderful people on the movie’s soundtrack:

Rachel Diggs, the awesome voice on Wayfaring Stranger,  has a new album out (I just finished listening to it). Only available at iTunes. The songs are great, Rachel’s voice is stellar, and the production is top-notch. Go get it.

Buddy Zapata, cool slide-guitar and crazy-blues guru from the Joshua Tree and Togo scenes, as well as the menu music on the DVD, is performing in Altadena, CA this week. Check out his new website here and find out about the concert on his blog.

I think Kelley McRae (the song Johnny Cash in the movie) had a concert last week in Kentucky. I’ll post a review of it as soon as I can. Also, she has a new album out called Highrises in Brooklyn, and it sounds wonderful. It was produced by Brian Deck (Iron and Wine, Modest Mouse, Josh Ritter, Counting Crows), and has polish and sheen, but beautiful vocals and lyrics. Check it out.

And, although he’s not on the soundtrack, Greg King (film editor) was the one who gave The Fair Trade much of its look, going over and above the call of duty to take beautiful images and make them even better. He just released his own “film cycle” entitled Rotating Mirror, based on Super8 films he shot every day for a year. I have my copy already and it’s pretty darn cool. See images from the video installation here, or purchase the film right now here.

Kudos to the wonderful people who helped make The Fair Trade movie so powerful! Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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