Thank you Ashland; looking ahead to Salem

Lauralee FarrerWell, our time at Ashland Independent Film Festival was an incredible success. Every screening was packed, and dozens of people mobbed Tamara and Lauralee at the end of every showing to talk more about the issues raised in the movie. And really, to us, it’s not about the movie as much as it’s about the new relationships, the new visions, the new possibilities that are opened up in people’s lives as a result of The Fair Trade.

One question continues to be on our minds after the festival: How do you categorize The Fair Trade? It’s definitely a documentary, but it’s not like lots of other documentaries that you have seen. Is it more like a memoir? Not entirely, but there are elements of that there. Is it an inspirational story? Yes, but last I’ve heard, there’s no category for “inspirational story” at Blockbuster, even that label limits it. We’ll keep working on it, but we hope once you’ve seen it, you can join in on the discussion.

Now we look forward to Salem Film Festival on the 19th of this month. We’re excited and honored to be invited to Salem this year. Not only will Lauralee and Tamara be there to answer questions and talk with folk, but Jordan and Tricia from our team will be there too! All four will be happy to talk about the movie, its impact, its creation, and its future.

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