Quick update from Ashland Independent Film Festival

Lauralee just e-mailed to say that The Fair Trade has been playing all weekend to packed houses, and is being well-received by everyone. So we are honored to be at the Ashland Independent Film Festival this year, and thankful for the spotlight it puts on our little film.

Again, if you saw The Fair Trade at AIFF, please let us know your experience of the movie!

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4 Responses to “Quick update from Ashland Independent Film Festival”

  1. Tamara says:

    Three screenings and all sold out! Each screenig was followed by a Q&A session, which entertained the very dialog this film means to encourge. We had a blast and I am very thankful to Ashland for their gracious hospitality. Salem…here we come!

  2. Sypko W. Andreae says:

    Dear Tamara,

    FAIR TRADE is such a lovely film. We saw it at AIFF, where I worked as one of the 265 volunteers (that is more than 1% of the total Ashland population!). The movie deeply moved me because it was so real, so painful and so powerful. The story was beautifully told. You, Tamara and Lauralee, really touched something on a deep level that we can all relate to, which is the hallmark of a good story. And beyond that: It was a true story, which makes it all the more moving.

    During the Q&A it really surprised me, Tamara, when you said something like: “Please spread this film around. Buy it as a gift for a friend, or even just copy it.” I did not really believe that you could copy a DVD. Aren’t they all encrypted? When I asked Lauralee for a business card she could not find one in her purse, but she did find a DVD copy of the Fair Trade film and just gave it to me, saying something like: “Our website is on there somewhere.” I thought that was extraordinary.

    I have a grand-niece, now in her mid-thirties, who is in the business of Fair Trade out of Portland, OR. She also works and travels to dangerous places for a non-profit that organizes medical aid in disaster areas all over the world. Her name is …. Tammy. So I thought: “if I want to burn a copy for anyone it has got to be her.” I tried to burn a DVD copy for her and, lo and behold, it worked. Did you just forget to encrypt it or was it on purpose?

    Great independent movies like yours ought to be supported though. So I really want to pay for it. Where do I go to buy another DVD copy? A web site perhaps? And then I will pass that copy on to a friend.

    Lauralee, I wish you all possible success for wide distribution of your film, no matter what form it may take. Tamara, I thank you for the sharing of this moving story about your life. Both of you: Keep doing the good work. The world needs you.

    With love and appreciation,

    Sypko Andreae, AIFF volunteer
    Ashland, OR.

  3. Sypko,

    Thanks for your lovely and encouraging letter—the dvd burning made me laugh out loud! Yes, you are right on all counts: we are more committed to distributing the film than to making money on it AND we ought to be supported if even for the two reasons that 10% of all sales go to the new Anti-Body co-op in Liberia and the rest goes to paying for the hard costs of distribution.

    Independent films like ours get the word out in a few primary ways: word of mouth and internet presence. A hand-delivered copy of the film with an endorsement from a friend who is outside our normal circle of acquaintances is a golden distribution opportunity. Anything written on the web, linked to our site, or otherwise posted online increases our internet status. Money from dvd sales is how we pay for this film and for the next one. All have value.

    So, if you wanted to give the film away to a dozen people and didn’t have the funds to do so I would happily send you the copies AND DVDs can be purchased and donations can be made (either to Burning Heart or to Anti-Body) at http://www.thefairtrademovie.com where you can also reach any of the filmmakers easily.

    Ashland was a wonderful experience for us. We think Jane and Tom (and Laura Jane) are national treasures. This is our second film in the festival (www.laundryandtosca.com) and would make another film just to have another chance to be part of AIFF.

    Bless you, again, for taking the time to respond with such a heartfelt letter and bless Tammy for her terrific work in fair trade and disaster relief. Your servant,

    Lauralee Farrer