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Update from Anti-Body…

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Anti-Body‘s most recent e-mail update had some information on Tamara’s trip to Liberia:

Anti-Body’s recent trip to Liberia was organized to officially launch Phase One of Cooperation Coconut! Though we’ve been working out details for months, it was the trip that allowed us to start building a relationship with the future employees of the co- operative. Each person has their unique story and we look forward to introducing them to you over the next several weeks so that you too find yourself invested in the lives of those who will provide Anti-Body with fair trade and unrefined coconut oil. (more…)

Full synopsis of The Fair Trade movie

Monday, March 31st, 2008

The Fair Trade movieI keep forgetting that many who read this blog have not yet seen the movie. So I am going to post the full synopsis, from the press kit (wonderfully put together by Rayne Roberts):

In the innovative documentary The Fair Trade, director Lauralee Farrer explores the murky territory between life, death, and the sustaining hope offered by abandonment to faith. The Fair Trade is the story of a young woman’s journey through paralyzing grief and her ultimate determination to exchange a death wish for a meaningful life. (more…)