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So far, we have two online distribution channels: filmbaby.com and fullerseminarybookstore.com. And they have both been wonderful to work with. So here’s some details:

The Fuller Bookstore sits on the corner of Walnut and Oakland here in Pasadena. There is a great coffeeshop called Coffee by the Books where the film crew has met and worked and talked in the back of the bookstore. They love our films, and keep selling copies of The Fair Trade and Laundry & Tosca as fast as Lauralee can keep them stocked. It’s a good operation, with just about any religious book that you might want; I only go to two bookstores in Pasadena when I’m looking for religious books: Fuller’s bookstore and Archives up on Washington (they have an awesome used book section).

FilmBaby is the brainchild of Derek Sivers, who created CDBaby.com exactly ten years ago (in March 1998). Check out CDBaby’s wikipedia page [here] and you find out that the company was started by one person (Sivers) selling his friends’ CDs, and that Jordin Sparks actually had an EP on CDBaby before she got on American Idol (but it had to be taken off when she became a finalist). FilmBaby’s policies for filmmakers are pretty great: they make sure a majority of the money from sales makes it back to the filmmakers, just like on CDBaby.

If you want to support independent film, go buy the movie from either of these wonderful establishments.

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