Bush in Liberia, so is Anti-Body

Liberia hopes for “more trade, less aid” from Bush | Reuters

So, as President Bush meets with Liberian leaders, so will Anti-Body. And, although he might have more clout, Anti-Body is arriving in Liberia this week with a plan for starting a new co-op in Liberia, to produce fair-trade essential oils for A-B’s skincare line. Exciting! We’ll keep you posted as we get news from Tamara.

Also exciting: we are working on a few screenings in Hollywood, hopefully in April and May. Watch for announcements…

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2 Responses to “Bush in Liberia, so is Anti-Body”

  1. Tamara says:

    And we’re back! An amazing trip that introduced us to our 5 employee hopefuls. Now our job is to raise enough money to purchase the oil machine to send to Liberia…$9,650 to be exact! One step closer.

  2. Loren says:

    Welcome back, Tamara and Jordan! We will be watching for ways we can help raise the $10k for the machinery. Thanks for the update…