Marketing Fair Trade products

Fairtrade packagingThis student in the UK ponders how to brand fairtrade products in a manner that reaches the target market, while being distinctive from every other brand, fairtrade or not.

In the film The Fair Trade, we really don’t get into what Anti-Body’s market would be, or how they market/position/advertise their products. It’s not what the movie is about. But Steve and Shelby do mention that, in some way, it doesn’t matter to the end user whether they’re buying fair trade skincare products or not — they just want high-end, quality products. And if Anti-Body can make fairtrade lotions and soaps that fit the bill, then all the better. But the idea is that a good product will sell, and Anti-Body insists on making a good product; the fairtrade element is a foundational value of the company, and therefore they will do everything in their power to 1) make a fairtrade product, and 2) make a product for the end-user that is the very best regardless of a fairtrade label.

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